Monday, April 20th: WE ARE PLAYING!
    Welcome to Temple Soccer. We play in the spring and the fall at Temple Baptist Church, 235 Harpersville Road, Newport News. For the spring season, games began on April 11th and will finish on June 6th.
     We are looking four six 2nd or 3rd graders to complete rosters.  We have ten teams and would like each roster to have ten players.  Two would practice on Monday, and two would practice on Tuesday.  If you have a player, please send an email to the link below.  Include name, grade, shirt size, and phone number.
     Schedules are posted at the link below.
    Latest Soccer News is current as of April 18th.
    If you have questions, please contact  All are welcome.  Our philosophy is at the link below.   
God gave us fun, and God gave us soccer.  Let's praise God and have fun playing soccer!