We Are Playing Games
See you on the fields!  
Saturday April 30th 

Welcome to Temple Soccer. We play in the spring and the fall at Temple Baptist Church, 235 Harpersville Road, Newport News.  All are welcome.

- Registration is closed.  We expect it to re-open during the second week of July for the fall season
- There is a table at the equipment shed with shoes and shin guards.  You are welcome to take what you need and encouraged to drop off equipment you don't need so another player can use it.
- The lost and found is located at the equipment shed.

Here are key dates for 2016:
- On-time registration begins: Monday, February 1
- Late registration begins: Tuesday, March 8
- Begin calling players with teams and practice dates: Thursday, March 24h
- Practices begin March 31
- Schedules published April 10
- First games:  Saturday, April 16
- Registration closes for spring season: Thursday Apr 21
- Last games: Saturday, June 11.
- Fall registration begins: about Thursday, July 11
- Fall practices begin: Monday, August 22
- Fall games begin: Saturday, September 10

You can learn more at the links below.  Latest Temple Soccer News is current as of March 23.
If you have questions, please contact Jake Biever at bieverjdb@hotmail.com.  

Our philosophy is at the link below.  We've used it for ten years, and it's worked well for us.
God gave us fun, and God gave us soccer.  Let's praise God and have fun playing soccer!