Weather Looks Great!  Remember to Bring Water!
    Welcome to Temple Soccer.  We play in the spring and the fall at Temple Baptist Church, 235 Harpersville Road, Newport News.  For the fall season, practices will begin August 21st, and games start September 6th.  Registration forms are posted at the link below.  
     Schedules are posted and games begin this Saturday Sep 6th.  We now have twenty-two teams and may add at least one more.  Temple, Menchvile, and First Church are working together to place players who are on the wait list.
     We apologize for not updating Temple Soccer News.  We are looking to revive it this week.  There has been plenty to share.
    If you have questions, please contact  All are welcome.  Our philosophy is at the link below.  You can also learn about us by going to the registration link and reading the flyer.
"God invented fun, and God invented soccer.  Let us praise God and have fun playing soccer!"

Tuesday Sep 2nd
We are playing!